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I’m Nandhana, passionate about SEO services as an SEO Specialist in Kerala, so I’m designing strategies for success. I will spend countless hours exploring new innovative SEO approaches before deploying my Digital marketing and SEO services.

Whether it’s a WordPress SEO or an e-Commerce SEO, As an SEO Specialist in Kerala I can work on any kind of website. It is a one-stop solution for SEO services in all aspects. All of the professional SEO services come with a basic SEO plan. If you’re ready to start a promotion, take a look at my SEO Packages.


On Page SEO

I provide thorough on-page SEO services as an SEO expert to increase your website’s exposure and ranks. I offer keyword research, content optimization, meta tag and heading tag optimization, URL structure optimization, internal linking, mobile optimization etc.

Key Word Planning

I provide keyword planning services as an SEO specialist to assist clients in selecting the appropriate keywords for their SEO strategy. I offer a variety of services, including thorough keyword research, competition, search volume analysis,long tail keyword identification etc.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to anything you do that makes your site easier for search engines to crawl and index. Technical SEO, content strategy, and link-building strategies all work in tandem to help your pages rank highly in search.

Off Page SEO

As an SEO specialist, I offer a range of off-page SEO services to improve your website’s authority and visibility. These include strategic link building, social media marketing, online reputation management, influencer marketing, content promotion, local SEO etc.

Web Design

I provide site design services that are user- and search engine-friendly as an SEO specialist. I can build user-friendly interfaces, ensure mobile responsiveness, boost page speed, ensure call-to-action elements are strategically placed, etc.

SEO Content Planning

As an SEO analyst, I provide SEO content planning services to optimize your website’s content for search engines. My services include keyword research, content gap analysis, content strategy development, SEO content guidelines, content optimization, and content promotion strategies.


SEO Best Practices: 10 Ways to Boost Organic Rankings and Traffic

  1. Align your content with search intent
  2. Leverage primary keywords
  3. Write compelling title tags and meta descriptions
  4. Optimize your images
  5. Optimize your site’s page loading speed
  6. Build an internal linking structure
  7. Improve user experience
  8. Make your URLs SEO-Friendly
  9. Earn authoritative Backlinks
  10. Create useful content

My Capabilities as SEO Specialist in Kerala


Keyword planning


On-Page SEO


Technical SEO


Of-Page SEO


Content Planning

Common FAQ About SEO

What are the benefits of choosing an SEO Specialist?

1 An SEO specialist is a very skilled person

We’ll be completely honest with you. This will help you grow your brand and business faster as you do search engine optimization.

2. Save your money

It is usually expensive if you are looking for an agency. So if you are looking for a Specialist you will not lose money.

what are the top SEO services?

On page services 

URL optimization

Meta tags optimization

Image and media optimization

Header tags optimization

Sitemap optimization

Content optimization

Off-page services 

Social bookmarking sites

Article posting sites

Forum submission  

what can you expect from an SEO Specialist?

1. Regular Communications

You should expect to receive daily reports on how things are doing. They’ll want to keep you informed by being open and honest about their plans and actions.

2. Initial SEO Audit of Your Website 

If you didn’t get around to having an SEO audit done for your website while looking for an SEO professional, a good-quality SEO specialist will conduct an initial audit of your site as quickly as possible.

what do you need to be an SEO specialist?
  • Learn the basics of how SEO works
  • Understand SEO strategies and concept
  • Get familiar with SEO tools
What make SEO successful?

Optimizing for the search experience, creating content for people, and preparing for voice search

The Buzz About Me As An SEO Specialist

She is an outstanding SEO analyst in Palakkad. Her commitment to achieving top-notch results and staying updated with SEO trends is truly impressive. She’s a dedicated professional who consistently drives organic traffic and enhances website rankings. Nandhana’s expertise and hard work are truly commendable and have made a significant impact

Anshid hussain

Product photographer

Nandhana’s SEO expertise is remarkable. Her strategies have immensely improved our online presence. She’s adept at understanding our goals and tailoring solutions accordingly. Her consistent efforts have driven substantial organic traffic and boosted our rankings significantly. Nandhana’s work is invaluable for any business.

Afsal ck

Freelance digitalmarketer

Nandhana! As an SEO analyst in Palakkad, you’ve displayed exceptional expertise and dedication in your work. Your friends could mention how you’ve consistently improved website rankings, brought in organic traffic, and your commitment to staying updated with the latest SEO trends. Your contributions made a positive impact.


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